Despite the fear of rain (thank you Florida!) this session turned out to have the perfect lighting, the perfect location, the perfect outfits, and the best part: The Perfect Couple!

We hear all the time from our couples that they are camera shy or never know what to do when in front of the camera & we totally understand why people can feel that way. When it comes to our sessions we love doing a mix of posed & candid shots. This allows our couples to know what to do but also have fun while doing it! For this session Meisha & Jaylon told us that they were nervous to do these photos. They insisted that they were awkward in front of the camera & that it would show in their photos.

The more time we spent with the two of them talking about who they were as a couple & just getting to take some time to know them the more they were able to relax & start to truly enjoy themselves. Their session went from them being nervous to having the most fun together which truly showed all through out their gallery! Meisha actually told us later that she couldn’t believe how much she loved the photos & that it looked like they were in their own world together. You would have never known that we were there third wheeling capturing the love these two have for each other!

Meisha & Jaylon’s reaction to their engagement session is a HUGE reason why we love offering complementary engagement sessions for all of our wedding clients. It is a chance for us to get to know our couples better but also allows our couples to get comfortable in front of the camera before their wedding day. It lets our couples have the chance to get to know our shooting style while also giving them even more photos of the two of them together!


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