Hey there! Planning a wedding is a big deal with so much to think about, right?

I’ve put together a little list of 9 little known wedding tips to make your wedding day extra special.

These tips come straight from me, an Orlando Wedding Photographer who really wants to help you create your dream wedding day. From getting ready to your exit, these tips can help you figure out what works best for both of you!

Groom First Look with His Parents captured by orlando wedding photographer blak marie photography

Consider different reveals

Consider first looks with the different people in your life that mean so much to you. I have had first looks happen between the groom and this parents or the bride & her grandparents which always are such special moments to be able to capture! These moments can make the time before your ceremony feel extra special & it gives you more time with those you love most. Another one that it becoming more popular is a first look with your bridesmaids. They will be your biggest supporters & continue to hype you up all throughout the day! 

BellaCosa Winter Wedding captured by orlando Wedding Photographer Blak Marie Photography

Know how to bustle the dress

This one is a must! There is a reason it is bold & underlined! There is nothing more frustrating than not being able to figure out how to bustle your dress right before you are ready to hit the dance floor. Consider designating a person in your wedding party who will know how to bustle the dress or talk to your planner as I have had weddings before where they are that person. 

*Another fun idea would be to avoid bustling the dress & change into a dancing party dress instead!!*

Howey Mansion wedding captured by orlando wedding photographer blak marie photography

Go into hiding

I love being able to have my couples “go into hiding” about a half an hour before the ceremony starts. This ensures no guests will see you as they arrive but also allows you two to have a little time to yourself before the ceremony.

Bella Collina Wedding Details captured by orlando wedding photographer blak marie photography

Extra Florals

As an Orlando wedding photographer who captures so many wedding days, this little wedding tip right here is most definitely one of my favorites! Have your bouquet delivered in time to be able to use it in the detail photos. If your florist can supply a small bucket of extra floral pieces then those can be used in your detail photos which always adds a beautiful element to those! 

Paris wedding dress captured by Blak Marie Photographer based in Orlando Florida

Prep your dress

The night before your wedding be sure to hang your dress & take it out of the bag so it doesn’t wrinkle. If you feel like your dress needs it then designate someone to steam your dress a good amount of time before you need to be in it so it doesn’t push your timeline back. 

Wedding Photographer in Orlando Florida Blak Marie Photography

Your first kiss

The first bit of advice would be to ask your officiant to step out of the shot during your first kiss. That way it is just the two of you! The second bit of advice would be to make that kiss count! A quick little kiss might be cute, but you get the best first kiss photos if you give me a little bit more. Another thing I love being able to do is have my couples stop half way down the aisle to share a “just married” kiss. It’s an extra sweet moment because not only are you two taking another moment for each other but you also have all the reactions of your guests behind you!

Lake Mary Event Center Wedding Day captured by Orlando Wedding Photographer Blak Marie Photography

Assign the tasks

Here is your permission. Are you ready?

You dont have to do it all!

Assign someone to pin the boutonnieres, steam the dress, gather gifts at the any of the night, & any other tasks that you can think of. Once the wedding day is here the biggest thing the two of you should be worrying about is soaking in & enjoying every moment of your day! 

*This is also a huge reason why I recommend getting a planner for your wedding day who can help with these things!*

Howey Mansion Wedding Captured by Orlando Wedding Photographer Blak Marie Photography

Get your hair & makeup done first

Take this one very seriously when planning your getting ready timeline for the day. It can be tempting to wait to have your hair & make up done very last so it is fresh all day but a professional makeup & hair artist will be sure it lasts all day. You want to be sure you are ready in enough time to be able to capture getting into the dress & all the special moments that happen when getting ready. Another thing to think of is who will be helping you get ready? If you mom, siblings, or maid of honor are helping you get ready they need to make sure to be fully finished with hair & makeup along with being fully dressed by the time we are ready to capture those photos.

Orlando Wedding Photographer Blak Marie Photography

I want to close this with giving you a little reminder.

Your wedding day should be all about the two of you & what you both love. Do you want donuts instead of a cake? Do it! Would you want to throw flower petals during your ceremony exit? That’s perfect! Simply because it is perfect for the two of you! I have seen so many unique ideas for wedding days which fills my heart with so much joy! I hope these wedding day tips have been helpful for you as you plan your dream day. Be sure to follow us on instagram for all the wedding day inspiration from the beautiful moments that I feel so blessed to capture, inquire if you are getting married, & keep an eye out for more wedding day tips from an Orlando wedding photographer

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Blak Marie is a wedding photographer serving in Orlando Florida and beyond. She loves cuddling with her puppy, drinking peach green tea lemonades, as well as serving kind hearted couples and capturing joy filled wedding days!

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