Upper Room.

A time to gather & worship as one big church family.

Church has always been a special part of my life. I have always been apart of our ministries (mostly in the children’s area) but after high school I began to drift away from the church & its programs. I didn’t feel that they offered anything for my age group or for someone going through the struggles that I faced on a daily basis. I couldn’t hear God’s voice or see His calling. But then Upper Room was created & all that began to slowly change. After going to the first one I got involved in being a greeter & began to try to become the social open person that God created me to be. I have enjoyed getting to know everyone involved & have loved worshiping with others who show Gods love & joy in everything they do. As I got to know the different people involved & they got to know me and my love of photography, I was asked to photography a worship service. At first I was nervous as concert style photography is not my specialty but I could feel God leading, so I went for it. & I absolutely LOVED it!

It is so special to be able to capture my church family whole heartedly worshiping together as one.


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