This session was filled with lots of laughter, jokes, & a whole lot of love! We just love these extended family sessions & all the relationships we get to capture within them.

There were so many things from this day that made this session extra fun & special but one of the first things ended up being the location! If you live in Florida, or even just visited for a day, you would know we get some insanely hot & humid filled days. That kind of weather is never too much fun to shoot in because you just end up feeling gross the second you walk out the door. So this location was a godsend since it was indoors while also giving the look & feel of the outdoors with all the natural light! Seriously the best of both worlds!!

Getting to spend time with this family it was apparent that they were so close & had so much love for one another. We got to spend our time laughing together while capturing them exactly the way they are together. This was one of those sessions where from start to finish it was filled with laughter & those really do become some of the most fun types of sessions! At the end we realized their sweet momma was actually in tears seeing all her family together & what they had created just for her. These kind of  moments are the ones that we cherish so much in this little business of ours.

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