Capturing Brittany and Eric’s intimate wedding at Dickson Azalea Park in Orlando, FL, was truly a magical experience. As a wedding photographer, my primary goal is to freeze those authentic moments that tell a couple’s unique love story, and Brittany and Eric provided a perfect canvas for this.

As an Orlando Wedding Photographer, my mission is to freeze those authentic moments. 

From the heartfelt vows to the touching toasts, every moment during their micro elopement was a snapshot of their beautiful journey together. The intimate setting, with only their closest friends on the guest list, created an atmosphere filled with genuine laughter, joy, and tears of happiness.

Intimate Wedding at Dickson Azalea in Orlando Florida

Intimate micro weddings allow for a focus on the little things. What made this intimate morning even more special was the attention to detail that Brittany and Eric put into every aspect of their wedding. The decor, the flowers – everything bore a personal touch, chosen specifically by the couple. These small yet significant elements added to the overall charm of the morning and showcased their personalities.

Intimate weddings, like Brittany and Eric’s, allow for a focus on the little things that make a wedding truly unique. The result was a day that not only united two souls but also reflected their individuality and shared journey. It was more than just a wedding; it was a crafted celebration of love, an unfiltered representation of their bond.

As I look back on the photographs, I’m reminded of the warmth that radiated from Brittany and Eric and the love that enveloped everyone present. Here’s to celebrating authentic, unfiltered love stories, and to the couples who create moments that will be cherished for a lifetime.

Blak Marie is a wedding photographer serving in Orlando Florida and beyond. She loves cuddling with her puppy, drinking peach green tea lemonades, as well as serving kind hearted couples and capturing joy filled wedding days!

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